Verizon Finance Center Building

Verizon’s new finance hub encompasses 220,000 square feet in four stories, cost $50 million and took 13 months to complete. It features advanced network capabilities, a 200-person conference center, fitness center, full-service cafeteria with catering capabilities, plus many other amenities.

CPC was proud to partner with Skanska in the construction of this beautiful facility. From the beginning CPC was onsite setting a control network for use throughout the project. Our teams were there to set the building column lines, elevator shafts, and building envelope. We continued to work with Skanska as the building went vertical, providing control and staking as the building grew. CPC was there for important site work activities such as staking light poles, power lines, switch gear and facilities, as well as other necessary facilities. CPC also took the lead in coordinating with various utilities for the creation of easements to cover the various utilities. In the end, CPC was there with Skanska to assist in providing final surveys for project close-out.

From initial efforts putting boots on the ground to determine design constraints and existing conditions, through to final construction close-out, CPC can assist you through the lifespan of your project.

Verizon Finance Center Building

Skanska Building USA