Conversion to Propane for Power Generation

Natural Gas

The Water and Power Authority (WAPA) on the islands is currently developing a conversion from diesel-fueled generators to natural gas. This project entails the supply of propane in conjunction with design, construction and infrastructure to receive, store, vaporize measure and deliver LPG in vaporized form to the inlet of each power turbine on the Islands of St. Thomas and St. Croix. This project required design and construction of mounds that would house the tanks along with thousands of feet of piping tie-ins and reroutes. The process also included a state of the art boiler room and gas “burn off” turbine. CPC provided all the georeferenced scan data for the various project teams and worked with local survey vendors to ensure a complete deliverable that met the needs of multiple design disciplines. CPC delivered raw scan PTG files to most designers and provided 3D modeled object extraction for those designers that were not able to work directly in the cloud.


PROJECT NAME: Vitol Conversion to Propane

CLIENT: Confidential

SERVICES PROVIDED: 3D Laser Scanning Solutions