Patented Butane Blending Process


Sunoco has a patented Automatic Butane Blending process to continuously monitor gasoline flows, create additional gasoline through butane blending and ensure that all gasoline meets but does not exceed state and EPA specifications.  Sunoco Logistics’ dedicated team of specialists constructs & custom blending systems for their partners in the industry such as Kinder Morgan, Phillips & Marathon.  Our team was tasked with developing corridor surveys for the design of future tanks and piping that would enable Butane to be distributed on these sites. The CPC captures the onsite conditions in typically 1-2 days. The data is georeferenced using OPUS observations while onsite. Extensive health and safety training was required and adhered to while on these sites

Deliverable: Immediately following the field scans and registration. CPC delivers a TruView solution for the project teams to begin their review and isolate areas for detailed CAD modeling. Once these parameters were relayed the CPC team modeled and extracted 3D objects for use in Autodesk Civil 3D.

Locations: Various US Locations (FL, VA, KY, NJ, TX, TN, GA, NV)


PROJECT NAME: Sunoco Butane Blending

CLIENT: Confidential

SERVICES PROVIDED: 3D Laser Scanning Solutions