SR 823 (Red Road/57th Avenue) Grouping

This project was an award-winner in the Florida TaxWatch 2014 Prudential Productivity Awards program competition for its innovative and cost-saving initiatives.

This $38 million project grouping is two back-to-back, full reconstruction jobs located within the City of Hialeah. The main scope of work for this project is to widen Red Road from a four-lane, undivided road to a six-lane, divided roadway and install a bulkhead wall system along the east face of the Red Road Canal. The list of activities includes both major roadway and structural components such as the installation of 1,167concrete piles, completed with no issues requiring DDMs or EARs, full rehabilitation and wideningof the existing Sonovoid bridge at West 53rd Street, excavation and reshaping of the Red Road channel, installation of the panels for the bulkhead wall, full installation of over 300 new drainage structures, installation of 84”dual culverts at every intersection, reconstruction of eight intersections, new signal and lighting systems, pavement reconstruction and landscaping. There are three Joint Project Agreements within this contract. Two of them are with Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department for the installation of 36” and 54” water main crossings. The third JPA is with the City of Hialeah to install multiple water mains and a 16” Force Main.

S.R. 823 (Red Road/57th Avenue) Grouping from W 23rd Street to W 46th Street
Hialeah, FL
FIN# 249941-5-62-01;

Florida Department of Transportation
District 6

Construction Engineering & Inspection