Insurance Auto Auctions

Paved Vehicle Storage

Insurance Auto Auctions is one of the leading salvage auto auction companies in the United States. At the Bergeron Park of Commerce North in west Broward County, the company developed approximately 23 acres of paved vehicle storage area, 0.23 acres for an office building and associated parking space, signage, fencing and landscaping. The paved vehicle storage areas consist of drive lanes and parking areas used to receive, store and transfer automobiles that have been totaled by insurance companies. The project also included perimeter swales that are fed through catch basins within the site for storm drainage.

CPC provided the full array of Land Development services for this project, including site planning, civil engineering design, surveying and construction services.

Nearby at Bergeron Park of Commerce South, Insurance Auto Auctions has a second site under development (as of mid-2018) of approximately 33 acres for paved vehicle storage, 3,000 square feet of office and associated parking, signage, fencing and landscaping. CPC is also coordinating this project.


Insurance Auto Auctions (two vehicle storage sites)

Insurance Auto Auctions

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