Gables Aventura

Multi-Family Residential

This 16.3-acre, mixed-use development, will include 400 units, a recreational building with a community swimming pool, a commercial building, a lake system and other amenities. Design services included the widening and improvements to approximately 1 mile of West Dixie Highway, NE 202 Street and NE 26 Avenue. Traffic Signal and Intersection Modification of Ives Dairy Road and West Dixie Highway. An area-wide Traffic Impact Study was conducted and construction of offsite sidewalks and offsite parking facilities will be included. Other work elements included in the project were traffic modeling, engineering data collection, surveying, platting, roadway design, utility design, drainage and stormwater modeling, pump station design, maintenance of traffic plans, permitting, coordination of site retaining walls and bridge structures design, water and sewer design, signing and marking plans, and drainage well design.

Gables Aventura

Gables Residential

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