Florida Power & Light Company / Next Era

Master Services Agreement

Florida Power and Light Company (FPL) )/NextEra Energy serves the citizens of Florida from the tip of Key West, throughout South Florida, and extending up the east coast to Georgia. CPC’s Survey crews utilized the Seafloor HyDrone™ Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV), to gather data for our client, Florida Power & Light (FPL). Part of the project’s scope required the crew to obtain Topographic and Scanning above-ground information, plat, and right-of-way determination, .SID aerial underlay, and underground information. CPC was also chosen to continue to provide surveying and other services in connection with the construction of overhead and underground electric lines, substation, and miscellaneous property surveys to FPL in regions spanning the entire east coast of Florida. Providing surveying from Miami to the Florida-Georgia border is a result of the exceptional performance from CPC staff in the field and office. CPC’s ability to act as an extension of FPL staff, offering cost-efficient survey solutions with a focus on schedule has been ongoing for over a decade. Services for FPL include right of way surveys, route survey design, facility staking, boundary surveys, legal descriptions, and support to FPL legal staff. FPL is investing in major upgrades to main power lines and other infrastructure to further strengthen its electric grid against severe weather, help communities recover more quickly following major storms, and improve everyday reliability for its customers. Replacing wood poles with stronger ones most of the concrete which are designed to withstand hurricane-force wind gusts. The investment plan, which is FPL’s most ambitious electric system strengthening initiative to date includes enhancements to withstand major storms. CPC is proud to be providing our services for this critical program.

PROJECT NAME: Master Services Agreement

CLIENT: Florida Power & Light (FPL)/ Next Era

SERVICES PROVIDED: Surveying & Mapping, Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)