Dixie Highway Flyover Bridge Construction

This project was awarded “FTBA Best in Construction-Major Bridge”

The realignment of Dixie Highway from south of Hillsboro Boulevard (SR-810) to north of the Hillsboro Canal reduces travel times and decreases conflict points along the route, thereby providing local motorists and pedestrians with a safer route to downtown Deerfield Beach. It was the “first FDOT ARRA Design-Build project in Broward County.”

Just north of the Hillsboro Boulevard intersection, the four-lane alignment rises vertically and becomes an elevated structure over NE 2nd Street, NE 1st Avenue, North River Avenue, Florida East Coast (FEC) Railway tracks, NE 2nd Avenue, and the Hillsboro Canal. Once the elevated structure crosses over the Hillsboro Canal and enters Palm Beach County, the alignment ties back down to the existing roadway, eliminating an at-grade FEC Railway crossing. In addition to the mainline structure, there are two additional bridge structures; a pedestrian path that runs along the east side of the corridor and crosses over the Hillsboro Canal and a new ramp re-aligned for southbound traffic coming from Dixie Highway entering the Deerfield Beach central business district that also crosses over the canal. Local roadway reconstruction was also a part of the project. North River Avenue was reconstructed to tie into NE 1st Avenue to relocate the facility out of the existing FEC right-of-way. NE 1st Avenue was reconstructed to accommodate the proposed drainage system and provide additional pedestrian facilities.

Dixie Highway Flyover
Bridge Construction
FIN# 230262-2-62-01

Florida Department of Transportation
District 4


August 2012