Civil/General Engineering
CPC coordinated with the following franchise and municipal utility providers for the location and design of their proposed utility undergrounding of their aerial franchise utilities: FLA Public Utilities Co, Gas, FDOT, Roadways & Drainage, City of Deerfield Beach Utilities, Water, Wastewater, & Drainage, and Broward County Traffic Engineering, Traffic Control. CPC developed construction plans for conduit duct bank and limits of the area of disturbance for review by Client and Utility providers. CPC will develop Streetscape improvement construction documents to include: Grading and Paving Plans for brick paver sidewalks, curbing and curb ramps, Signage and striping plans for repair of affected areas, Landscape design, Irrigation system modification design. Utilizing the Client approved Permit Plans, CPC will prepare the following permit applications: FDOT, Utility Permit, City of Deerfield Beach Engineering, City of Deerfield CRA Board, Broward County Highway and Traffic Division, FDEP CCCL Permit coordination, FPL coordination for service to Street and Pedestrian Lighting Improvements. CPC will provide construction administration services for the project as follows: CPC will provide site engineering plans for soliciting bids from qualified contractors and assist the Client in the bid review process. CPC will provide “for construction use” final site engineering plans for use by the Client and the selected contractor. CPC will attend pre-construction meetings with representatives of the selected contractor, FDOT, and the Client. A phased 9-month site construction observation period is anticipated. Upon completion of construction in conformance with the permitted construction plans and upon receipt from Client’s contractor of an “as-built” survey signed and sealed by a professional licensed surveyor identifying actual as-built conditions and a CAD file of these as-builts. CPC will conduct a final site visit and submit a letter of substantial completion and certification of completion to FDOT, and Broward County Highway and Engineering Division.

PROJECT NAME:  Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Project, N. Ocean Drive/SR AIA Streetscape Improvements

CLIENT: City of Deerfield Beach

SERVICES PROVIDED: Civil Engineering, Surveying & SUE