Canaveral Port Authority

Continuing Services

Carnahan Proctor & Cross has been a Continuing Survey service provider to the Canaveral Port Authority for six years. The Canaveral Port Authority is responsible for administering all of the lands within the port, extending from the Banana River at SR 528 to the ocean. Port Canaveral is one of the top ports in the United States for cruise ships, as well as servicing cargo ships and pleasure boats. The port is also home to restaurants and retail, commercial parcels and the Jetty Park beach and campgrounds.

CPC has served the port for boundary surveys, design surveys and construction surveying to support the growth of this east coast economic driver. We are proud to have been able to act as an extension of Port Authority staff, working on projects such as the new Welcome Center, Cruise Terminal 5 and 6 expansions, and many of the restaurants and businesses operating at the port.

Canaveral Port Authority
Continuing Services Contract
Cape Canaveral, FL

Canaveral Port Authority