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CPC permitted with all agencies including, the Port Authority, Town of Dania Beach, DNRP, SFWMD, FDOT and the ACOE. The Port discontinued the use 14th Avenue because there would be too much traffic, so working with the owner we designed a new entrance off of Eller Dr. which was controlled by FDOT. The new entrance road parallels the FEC Rail Road.

The land owner wanted to remove as much of the wetlands as possible and fill the site as necessary. We began negotiations with SFWMD as to how much wetland removal they would allow (ACOE said they would accept SFWMD’s appraisal). SFWMD did not want any mangrove removal but they allowed a portion of wetlands that had been disturbed by the FEC railroad running through the property to be filled and utilized.

Airport America Park N Ride
Broward County, Florida

Airport America

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