SR 907/Alton Rd from 5 St to Michigan Ave

This FDOT project includes installing three pump stations (5th Street, 10th Street and 14th Street) and a new drainage system to improve storm water drainage in area; rebuilding roadway, driveways, sidewalk and pedestrian ramps; constructing sidewalk extensions, which will remove about 90 on-street parking spaces; constructing concrete islands in the median to manage left turn movements at 9 Street, 13 Street, 14 Street, 14 Court and 15 Terrace and along Alton Road from 16 Street to Lincoln Road; modifying the median opening at Alton Road and 6 Street to prevent motorists travelling east on 6 Street to turn north on Alton Road; upgrading the traffic barrier on Alton Road flyover and Dade Boulevard Canal; replacing traffic and pedestrian signals at intersections; installing new street lighting; installing new landscaping and irrigation; and installing new signage and pavement markings.

SR 907/Alton Rd
Miami, FL

Bergeron Land Development