South Bay to Southern Glades Citrus Pipeline Expansion

CPC Group (Carnahan Proctor & Cross) was responsible for establishing the survey baseline, staking the pipeline route, as-built surveys, control, and surveys and legal descriptions over private property. CPC directed day to day operations in the field as the resident project surveyor. Coordinating with Florida City’s Gas, representatives from Infrasource, the project contractor, as well as various stake holders along this 30-mile route.

As a design-build project for the installation of 30 miles of 6” steel high pressure gas line, this project was being completed on a highly compressed schedule. A significant reason for the success of this project has to do with Carnahan Proctor and Cross staff acting as part of a team of dedicated professionals. Our field staff uses the latest in total station, GPS and data collection technology. In addition, many of our field team members are prepared with laptop computers, air cards, and the CADD skills to allow challenges to be addressed real-time, in the field, so that projects can continue without delay. The resulting information is then sent to the office immediately, for accelerated QA/QC and delivery.

South Bay to Southern Glades Citrus Pipeline Expansion

AGL Resources/Florida City Gas