Project Title


The study team considered 16 different cross sections along Robinson Street with various pedestrian, bicycle, travel/lane median parking and landscape configurations. CPC’s Geomatics team provided 3D laser scanning for this corridor and delivered a design survey to include existing conditions, sidewalk widths and all above ground improvements in the right-of-way. This project is being undertaken by the FDOT in partnership with the City of Orlando to objectively evaluate possible improvements to the Robinson Street corridor to improve multimodal safety, operations, and connectivity. This effort will build upon previous studies undertaken by the City of Orlando and the Department. The study will document existing multimodal corridor needs, existing and future regional travel needs, and community visions and desires for Robinson Street. The Corridor Planning Study will result in a Corridor Alternatives and Strategies Report that documents the guiding goals and objectives along with a summary of the range of multi-modal solutions identified to address the corridor mobility needs.


PROJECT NAME: Robinson Street Corridor

CLIENT: Kittelson & Associates

SERVICES PROVIDED: 3D Laser Scanning & Modeling