Regional Traffic Management Center


The Center’s state-of-the-art technology will use cameras and other technologies to help monitor traffic, including speeds and the number of vehicles on the roadways, pinpoint traffic jams, accidents, and other emergencies, and provide for immediate coordination with law enforcement and fire and emergency crews when needed. The Traffic Management Center also will monitor and improve signal timing, and help relieve congestion, especially along detours for roadwork along busy Interstate 4, which is undergoing a $2 billion widening and improvement. The center will enable real-time information on traffic to be shared with local, state and national traffic information services such as 5-1-1, with social media and the FDOT website, and with traffic information apps such as Waze.

In addition, the Center will oversee traffic on toll roads, which includes monitoring the dynamically-tolled express lanes on the I-4 Ultimate project. The Center will not be used for speed enforcement or other enforcement activities.


PROJECT NAME: Regional Traffic Management Center

CLIENT: Hill International