Regal Oaks at Old Town

CPC served as the owner’s representative for Regal Oaks at Old Town in Kissimmee, a 60-acre, 450-unit townhome development. The project includes a new 21,000-square-foot clubhouse, drop-off/pick-up area of the clubhouse and additional parking, redesign of the gatehouse, sports facility and renovation of pool.

CPC is the lead consultant for CLC Resorts, providing overall engineering and project management. CPC tasks include all of the planning, engineering for the water, sewer, paving, drainage and permitting. As lead consultant CPC has also managed the project and coordinated with other consultants, including the architect, pool designer and landscape architect, selection of general contractor and preparing budgets for project construction, completion and entitlements. Project challenges included site grading, off-site road and utility improvements to be upgraded and extended to site, and infiltration from an adjacent treatment pond.

Regal Oaks at Old Town Kissimmee, FL

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