NASA PAD 39B Flame Deflector and Trench Upgrade

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One of the final upgrades to Kennedy Space Center’s Pad 39B will begin in earnest, following a deal between the Kennedy’s Ground Systems Development and Operations (GSDO) Program and J. P. Donovan Construction. The contract for a new Flame Deflector and associated Flame Trench work is required to help the pad deal with the immense thrust of the Space Launch System (SLS).

CPC was selected by J.P. Donovan to provide laser scans of the flame trench walls and floor. The scans were published in TruView Global for team collaboration. Our clients can make a virtual visit to the project site anytime and from anywhere on any device to review. This service allows clients to measure and create markups with notes and links.

Virtual visits are without any safety concerns or delays, possibilities are endless and the value incredible. The clients deliverables consisted of 1/8” wall contours to identify any wall deformation.

NASA Pad 39B Flame Deflector and Trench Upgrade

J.P. Donovan

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