Merritt Island Pressure Expansion

Natural Gas Pipeline
Under an accelerated schedule, Carnahan, Proctor and Cross is providing survey and civil engineering services for the Merritt Island Pressure Improvement Project. Florida City Gas is continually improving and maintaining the natural gas pipeline infrastructure. The overall Project will consist of installing approximately 21,000 linear feet of eight-inch, 300 psig, NOP steel gas pipeline from their eight-inch, steel gas main near the intersection of North Atlantic Avenue and George King Boulevard in Cape Canaveral to the regulator station located near the intersection of SR 520 and North Banana River Drive in Merritt Island. Services will include a route selection due diligence report for each identified project route, including Subsurface Utility Engineering tasks. Once the final route is selected, design and mapping of the pipeline facilities can begin. Road permits and environmental permits will be processed with the appropriate agencies. Upon completion, deliverables will include a full drawing and mapping package, as well as a materials and equipment list for the construction estimate package.

Merritt Island Pressure Improvement Construction Engineering Services

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