IMG Academy Expansion

West Campus Expansion 

IMG Academy, known for training elite athletes had recently expanded their property with the addition of a hotel at the corner of 53rd Ave West and Bollettieri Blvd. Lake Flores East LLC had sold nearly 19 acres of land to IMG Academy, and approximately 8 acres of the land was used for a hotel and the remaining was used for athletic fields, including “related infrastructure” such as restroom facilities, concession stands, storage buildings, and maintenance buildings. The additional parcel of land is adjacent to the west campus from the Lake Flores development. The land provides space for additional baseball fields, parking, and a hotel. The Legacy Hotel at IMG Academy is a 150-room upscale boutique that serves guests and clients of the world-class training facility, including visiting teams, coaches, student-athletes, staff, and parents. Additionally, it provides a go-to destination for visitors of the surrounding community.

CPC performed a boundary survey to facilitate the purchase of the two additional parcels from MFC, Lake Flores owners. CPC also provided topographic surveys by collecting spot elevations throughout the project area using an approximate 100-foot grid and 200-foot cross-sections along adjacent roads and irrigation ditches with ditch piping/structure size. CPC prepared  deliverables in a map showing 1-foot contours.

IMG West Campus Expansion

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