Peninsula Water Main Replacement

Water Resources

The City has identified as a priority, the need to replace several miles of substandard 2-inch potable water mains currently in service throughout the City. Most of the 2-inch water mains were installed more than 30 years ago and are beyond their useful service life. A large portion of these 2-inch water mains are constructed of galvanized steel which is subject to corrosion and failure, as such, substandard water quality is an issue in many of the areas served by these mains.

CPC provided QA/QC for a survey of approximately 24,500 feet of the proposed City of Ormond Beach Water main replacement project. The project included a Control Survey and the determination of apparent Right of way lines. Additionally, a topographic survey was performed locating all drives, sidewalks, hydrants and other features along the route. Fifty-foot cross sections were collected along with additional intersection details. All manholes, invert elevations and sizes were included in the survey. All survey work was conducted utilizing both Conventional and 3D forms of data collection to help increase efficiency in the field. CPC provided a 2D drawing containing all line work and topographical survey data that was extracted from the registered 3D point cloud.


PROJECT NAME: Peninsula Water Main Replacement

CLIENT: Quentin Hampton & Associates

SERVICES PROVIDED: Surveying & 3D Laser Scanning