City of Margate Roadway Bond Project

The City of Margate Roadway Improvement Project was an extensive $35 million road bond project to conduct roadway improvements throughout the City boundaries. CPC was contracted to provide, planning, engineering, surveying and construction engineering services for this project. Due to the size and complexity of the project scope, the City of Margate decided to phase the project into three specific areas.

Phase 1 consisted of resurfacing in residential areas where curbing was non-existent and the roadways were in need of improvement. Prior to the resurfacing, roadway and drainage deficiencies were identified and repaired. Re-grading of some swales was performed to maintain drainage flow.

Phase 2 consisted of resurfacing using a “Hot In Place” recycling asphalt technique. This was a single process where the existing surface course of asphalt is milled, reheated, remixed and rolled to resurface the road.

Phase 3 consisted of replacing sidewalks and ramps to meet current ADA standards. Aluminum guardrails were installed to eliminate hazardous walking conditions. Special considerations had to be made for the Traffic Loops including loop detectors in signalized intersections. All traffic loops were repaired or replaced during construction and traffic signalization was maintained throughout the construction process.

City of Margate Roadway Bond Project

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Roadway Bond Project
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