City of Coral Springs, Sidewalk & Pedestrian Ramp Improvements

Pedestrian Safety Improvements & ADA Compliance

CPC worked on this recent city-wide project that included the design of over 50 sidewalks and ramps for ADA compliance for the City of Coral Springs. The design was value-engineered and completed without the need for survey data which translated in cost savings for our client. Data was collected during the detailed field site visit, site photos and aerial photography and was utilized to complete the design. After the initiation of the design, field reviews were conducted for those locations in need to verify dimensions and to avoid conflicts with drainage inlets, and other existing utilities.

  • Design of new ramps ADA compliance
  • No survey was required
  • Drainage constraints considered
  • Designed based on aerial and site photos

PROJECT NAME: Sidewalk & Pedestrian Ramp Improvements

CLIENT: City of Coral Springs

SERVICES PROVIDED: Transportation Engineering