City of Coconut Creek Lyons Road

Pedestrian Lighting and Safety Improvements & ADA Compliance

CPC provided design services for new lighting along Lyons Road which included lighting conduit plans from West Atlantic Blvd. to Winston Park Blvd in the City of Coconut Creek and permitting through FDOT. The project also involved pedestrian lighting design which included approximately 1.4 miles of bollards and decorative light pole fixtures.

The lighting design also involved voltage calculations and plan preparations. Lighting manufacturer coordination was essential in photometrics design to meet lighting design criteria. In addition, coordination with FP&L to locate the power connection point was an important part of the design. A lighting assessment for the existing conditions was also performed.

  • Assessment of existing illumination level
  • Conduit design in coordination with FDOT
  • Pedestrian decorative lighting details
  • Cost estimate
  • Pedestrian bollard lighting design
  • Coordination with FP&L for power source
  • Coordination with City Commissioners
  • ADA compliance criteria

PROJECT NAME:  Lyons Road Lighting and Safety Improvements & ADA Compliance

CLIENT: City of Coconut Creek

SERVICES PROVIDED: Pedestrian Lighting and Safety Design