CPC’s Survey crews utilized the Seafloor HyDrone™ Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV), to gather data for our client, Florida Power & Light (FPL). Part of the project’s scope required the crew to obtain Topographic and Scanning above-ground information, plat, and right-of-way determination, .SID aerial underlay, and underground information. Rather than using an 8’ foot Jon boat and navigating with paddles or a small electric motor, CPC embraces the use of new technology. What was different on this project from the others was the need for soundings/cross-section of adjacent water or canals. The crews would not be able to access these areas with the Jon boat and conventional leveling. A solution to this challenge was for our crews to use the HyDrone™ boat. This cost-efficient and innovative solution allowed our crews to access and gather data quickly safely, and efficiently. The results were excellent and CPC is continuing to evaluate the benefits of this tool and looks forward to using it for future projects.